Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Whispering Wind

Hand painted wooden bangle

At Spotlight last week I came across these plain wooden bangles and thought them perfect to turn into mini wearable art. This was my prototype, agonizing and tedious to paint but I am quite pleased with the outcome. Only just finished painting so it's still wet. When it dries i might fix up a few little bits and give it a good coat of varnish so the paint doesn't chip. Her face is actually cream but it comes up white in the photos.

What do you think? I might make a couple more and see if they sell. I'm also thinking of doing a few with text.

I have soo many ideas buzing around in my head at the moment but not enought hands to make it all with.

1 comment:

  1. I love love love.
    How much would one of these babies sell for?
    I'd be interested in buying one!!
    You are just some spunky, arty, mastermind aren't you. However, i've been missing your reassuring and oh so pleasurable company.
    Almost there for uni.
    LAst night of crash course study.
    Couldn't help but checking out your latest blog. and as always, so delighted :)


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