Friday, August 13, 2010

Art That Inspires Me- Kim Yong Hee

I am in love with the artwork of Kim Yong Hee. She is a Korean illustrator who has done previous work as a character designer. She mostly commercialises her illustrations for T-shirts, stationary and other products.
She has a really beautiful style. Her colours and characters are just lovely.
The handpainted guitar is amazing, I'd love to try painting my own.

If you are interested in seeig more of her work you can find it here:

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Handpainted Accessories

I have been busily collecting supplies, scribbling down ideas and experimenting. As always I have far too many half finished pieces. But I'm perfecting my processes and working toward new ideas.

Things are happening in twos at the moment. 
Wood is my material of choice. 
And for some reason I can only find one of each sock.

Somewhere between the moments that I'm running around like crazy and avoiding my work I have managed to finish a few pieces. My doll face pendants, eye brooches and cameo twins. I've also started a new painting which I'll post another time.

New Finds And Snipets Of My Space

I have been a bad little blogger lately and im sorry for the decline in posts. I have been trying to work hard at producing some products and making preparations for my etsy store. There's just so much swirling around in my head, some days it feels like its going to pop.

Mum brought me The Handmade Marketplace It's a really great book filled with useful tips and the beautiful illustrations of Emily Martin (the black apple). I have been reading up  and steadily working my way towards opening shop. But Im a perfectionist,  I want everything to be perfect and I too easily keep get caught up in the details. My partner is always telling me off.
I'll keep you posted as things get closer.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend.