Thursday, August 5, 2010

Handpainted Accessories

I have been busily collecting supplies, scribbling down ideas and experimenting. As always I have far too many half finished pieces. But I'm perfecting my processes and working toward new ideas.

Things are happening in twos at the moment. 
Wood is my material of choice. 
And for some reason I can only find one of each sock.

Somewhere between the moments that I'm running around like crazy and avoiding my work I have managed to finish a few pieces. My doll face pendants, eye brooches and cameo twins. I've also started a new painting which I'll post another time.


  1. These. Are. Sick.

    What's the painting about??

  2. i LOVE these! they're amazing!

  3. Seriously, these are AMAZING. You've got mad talent!


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