Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Gary Harvey- Fashion With A Conscience

Each of these stunning dresses is inspired by vintage couture and made from recycled materials. Newspaper, trench coats, denim jeans, army jackets and even laundry bags.

To see more of Gary's stunning creations and to read about them visit the London Fashion week section on his website.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Art That Inspires Me- Ana Bagayan

Lovely delicate illustrations
Dreamy colours
Doe-eyed girls

To see more of her work visit:

Monday, September 6, 2010

I Love Lolita Shoes

I love Lolita shoes. They are the cutest coolest shoes around. Sadly they are not easily accessible here in Australia. So if I want some I have to shop online, and I have never been big on buying shoes over the Internet. But I think I may finally give in and buy some because I just found a great website that has oodles to choose from and their prices are soo much better than those on eBay. Above are a few of my personal favourites. My only problem now is narrowing down my choices.

So if you too are drooling over these babies the place to find them and many more Lolita products is

If you get some before I do let me know how their service is.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Secret Garden Inspired Dress

I am a collector of many things, but vintage sewing patterns and old books are among my favourites. And the latest piece that I am working on for my portfolio is inspired by these two.

I found this 1953 girls dress pattern in an antique store, It was just so cute I couldnt resist. So I decided to use it as inspiration combined with one of my favourite books The Secret Garden. I have always loved the image on the cover of my 1956 edition, which I have made into an embroidery design that will be repeated along the hem of the dress.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fashion Sketches

I have been a buzzy bee recently. I am working hard at putting together a portfolio for my entrance into a Bachelor of Fashion Design. I really really want to be doing this course next year so I'm giving it my all. As a result Ive been neglecting my blog. But as I finish of my work I'll try take photos and post them.
So far I have completed two outfits, I will be starting the third tomorrow. As soon as I can I'll try get some decent photos of them.
I have also been working on some fashion illustrations, theres heaps of half finished ones that are still missing feet and things. To be honest I've always really worked straight from my head, skipping out the design sketches. So I working on developing my own style and I am quite happy with where its going. I wanted a combination of my love for fashion and my love for art. They still need to be coloured, but what do you think?