Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fashion Sketches

I have been a buzzy bee recently. I am working hard at putting together a portfolio for my entrance into a Bachelor of Fashion Design. I really really want to be doing this course next year so I'm giving it my all. As a result Ive been neglecting my blog. But as I finish of my work I'll try take photos and post them.
So far I have completed two outfits, I will be starting the third tomorrow. As soon as I can I'll try get some decent photos of them.
I have also been working on some fashion illustrations, theres heaps of half finished ones that are still missing feet and things. To be honest I've always really worked straight from my head, skipping out the design sketches. So I working on developing my own style and I am quite happy with where its going. I wanted a combination of my love for fashion and my love for art. They still need to be coloured, but what do you think?


  1. are these Alice in Wonderland inspired perhaps?? very cute!

  2. Thanks :)
    the last one is inspired by alice in wonderland. I finished making the outfit the other day, hopefully i will be posting pictures of it soon

  3. Even for people who lack drawing skills, there are ways to fulfill dreams of becoming a fashion designer. With the internet as a resource, it's easy to find templates to use as a guideline to draw clothes.


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