Monday, March 22, 2010


I've been so lazy today, spent half my time just surfing the net and sifting through etsy and ebay.
For a long time now I have been considering buying a Lolita style coat. There's plenty that I like but I've never been sure if I really wanted to make a purchase and then which one would I choose? So I moved to the idea of making my own, but sadly I can not find a pattern that is suitable. So I'm back to wanting to purchase one. After half a day of sifting I have managed to narrow down my choices slightly.

here are my finding in order of cheapest to most expensive:
Gothic Lolita Victorian Lace Dress Coat
$105 AU
Very very nice. So many beautiful details but its also very fancy and I fear I would look over dressed everywhere I go.
Can't decide which colour I like best.
Tailor made for perfect fit.

Gothic Lolita Handmade Wool Coat
Simple elegant design but I am confused as to whether or not it has a cape attached and i think that the cuffs are fur.
Tailor made for perfect fit

Gothic Lolita Cosplay Handmade Black Elegant Coat
I originally found this coat on a Japanese site call Fairy wish, thats where the cute photo shoot is from, but the exact same thing is on ebay.
Its cute and interesting, even has a little pouch attached.
Tailor made for perfect fit.

Gothic Lolita Coat Tailor-made Red
Love the double breasted front and vibrant red colour. Not real keen on the cape but it gives the coat a beautiful hour glass shape. Currently checking to see if the cape is detachable.
Tailor-made for perfect fit

Gothic Lolita Cashmere Wool Coat Ear Hood Grey
So cute and adorable, its even made from cashmere. More expensive that I'd like to spend but I love it, it even seems a bit more casual than the rest. The bow in front is a bit big though.
Also Tailor-made for a prefect fit.

Sadly most of these asian online stores don't have item descriptions or the best photos but their clothing is amazing. These are all handmade to your specific measurements, which is a huge plus for me as i have trouble finding coats that fit me well.

Which one do you like best?

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  1. I adore the red one and the one with the adorable photo shoot. I kind of forget that gothic lolita style can be wearable, in my head it's always too extreme. These are very reasonably priced considering they're all handmade. Think I know where I'll be looking for a coat next winter!


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