Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dolly Girls

The Japanese Dolly Kei fashion scene is my latest obsession. 
Such expression through fashion is just not present in the western world.
This style plays off the look of antique dolls. Old faded cloth, white porcelain, feminine yet a little creepy.

I imagine a beautiful young mystic living in the woods. Their home is an old cottage covered with vines, time and nature have reclaimed it. Draped in lace, cotton, leather and fur. She surrounds herself with dreams, books, antique dolls and mother nature.

Dolly Girls tend to exclusively wear antique and vintage clothing. Damaged pieces do not matter. Tears, fading, stains and imperfections are the markings of its past life and are therefore cherished. There is strong emphasis put on each and every detail. Beautiful and intricate. Layer upon layer of clothing and mementos. Each piece is special and full of meaning.

Inspiration is drawn from Eastern Europe during the middle ages, folk stories, fantasy, wizards, witchcraft, Renaissance, Marie Antoinette, Harry Potter, Narnia and fairy tales.

Images sourced from aliceetpeterpunk.blogspot.com


  1. it is very pretty isnt it. I love that style of clothing, gives you the magical feeling ♥

  2. These are very cute! It's the first time I've heard of Dolly Girls, so thanks for sharing :)



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