Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Japanese Street Fashion- cute nerd girls

I have always been hugely influenced by Japanese youth culture and street fashion. Their clothes are so cute and expressive. I love the uniqueness of their styles and how they express themselves through fashion. I wish I were as fearless to just wear anything I wanted. Even with my subdued style I feel as though I stand out too much here.

At the moment I am absolutely in love with these girls and their adorable nerd chic style. They are just too cute for words. I love their glasses, plaid outfits, bow ties, adorable hairstyles, pretty shoes and socks, subtle makeup and shy glances.

I like the girl with the scruffy hair the best, in both photos she's just darling. I'd really love a pair of little booties like hers and some cute round glasses.
Off to go do some drawing now. I feel inspired to draw cute little nerdy girls wearing glasses. Later I might make a pair of suspender sorts like these (below).
Photos from tokyofashion.com


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  2. Everything about Japanese culture is inspiring!
    Would love to see your drawings of cute nerds!

  3. i thought it was a little boy!

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  5. ah! That girl is Kyary Pamyu Pamyu on the left in the top photo :3
    ..Anyway, I can relate to you saying "I wish I were as fearless to just wear anything I wanted." My style is influenced by K-POP, but I don't go "all-out KPOP" in school when I dress up cuz I fear criticism. ._.


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