Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I Love Jacaranda Trees

I just cant get enough of this lovely purple hue.
The weather has been horrible here but the Jacaranda trees are in bloom and they always brighten up my day.

Do you have a favourite Tree?


  1. Mine is a Willow tree. But I love Jacaranda's aswell. Oh Tash I miss you heaps. How are things? Is Michael well? DId you get your folio in alright? I come home for a bit in summer. Expect some chilling times :)
    How's the little people in your life going?

  2. oh precious!
    these are beautiful!
    I love jacaranda trees!
    they always flair up in random places in toowong!
    but i've never seen them all in a rowe like the ones on that street!
    how stunning!

  3. I love jacaranda trees so much as well! I have a huge 30 year old beauty in my back yard, and in this recently stormy weather my whole yard has looked iridescent from all the fallen flowers! They're so very lovely.

  4. i love jacarandas...we are planting one in our front yard outside our bedroom window, i cant wait until it flowers x

  5. Hi, I love Jacaranda trees, lilacs, gulmohars and cassia too. In fact I love to be amidst mature, flowering trees. Your picture is so spectacular that it just lifts my spirit. Where did you take it?

  6. may I ask where this photos were taken?


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