Monday, October 10, 2011

Making A Ball Joint Doll - Part 3 second layer or clay

So once the first layer of clay was dry I put on another layer to form the basic profile. I know it looks a bit weird and blobby but its just about getting the shape happening. There's no need to be fussy I can always carve back or add more.


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  2. this is awesome, I'm totally going to attempt...

  3. Hi
    I met you at the suitcase market in Brissy on Sunday. It was so much fun to be a part of. i was the artist encouraging you to continue with what you love.
    My name is Jhana. We don't need to worry if doubt exists within our reality, even if it revolves around our creativity. We are already enough and so is our art. There will always be beautiful little imperfections that reveal themselves in our life and in our work, it is part of what makes us human and they are little miracles to be cherished. It's those of us who learn to work with these little miracles that become magnetic in our creations. Because we are no longer uncomfortable in the world. And because so many in the world are longing for that comfort, they are drawn to what puts them at ease... art becomes that gateway to their peace a gateway to freedom of creative self expression, where everything is as you imagine it to be. Artists a creating a new world where there are no limitations. Be bold, imagine, create and choose to feel how you deserve to feel around you artwork.
    blessings beautiful sister!


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