Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dreaming of...

These last few weeks have been pretty chaotic and January just seems like one big 'to do list'.  But i will get through it all and try to enjoy myself in the meantime. 

On friday i should get my QTAC results (whether I got into University or not). I have to start packing to move out of home for the first time. Im turning 21 and everyone else seems to be having their birthday to. Its getting hard to keep up, hopefully i dont forget anyone. And last but not least, I desperately want to get my Etsy shop on the road.

In amongst all the chaos I have been spending way to much time sitting around surfing the net drooling over things I cant afford and neglecting my blog. So I thought that I would share a couple of the objects I have been dreaming of.

 Lace trimed socks

Red coats

Avon perfume bottles

Bowler hats


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