Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ive been thinking...

Been sewing a fair bit lately and I've made a few things but been to lazy to take photos of them. Ive made 2 skirts and I'm half way through a third and ive also made something for a friend. I'm soo bad tho i fall in love with most of it and cant bare to part with them, I'm just too greedy.

In amongst my regular procrastination I have been checking out heaps of fashion photos on blogs and Etsy stores and things, there are so many talented boys and girls out there. I wish I could create some beautiful photos like theirs but i have a few problems stopping me, 1 I'm not as imaginative as they are, 2 i am a real chicken around cameras i despise having my photo taken and i always look goofy and awkward, and 3 its hard to find someone who's got time to take the photos for me or understands what i want. : (

But its something I really want to get into. I want my Etsy photos to be really good as they help to sell the product. There are a few out there with a very distinct style that sets them apart from the rest. One of my favs Blooming Leopold  has the store name spelt in the background of he shots to make the name stick in your mind. Some just have beautiful outdoor scenery or quirky collections of objects. Another Etsy store called Harbor District uses playful digital editing to set theirs apart from the rest. Anyway you get the point. I have been thinking of ways to create some individuality for my shop and one of my ideas could also help to combat one of my problems.  So my latest project idea is a bunny mask, cute and quirky as well as being a mask to hide behind. I picked up my supplies today and cant wait to start. I know im not the first to do this but Im hoping mine will be a bit different as im hand crafting mine. Its an idea ive been mulling over for a while now but wasnt sure what animal to do etc. The other day during my web wandering i came across this adorable illustration on Boys who blush that I thought was perfect.

Here are a few Other masks that have inspired me.

I have made 1 mask before, it was a frank the bunny mask and the ears caused it to be a bit top heavy. Im a bit concerned that will be a problem again especially since its only a half mask. So I got a stick to attach if I cant combat the issue. Supplies are ready, brains buzzing. Time to stop ranting and get to work.

Any ideas or pointers for me?
Is there something cool you want to make?

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  1. I know what you mean by distinct etsy style. I need to work on making one myself .

    I wish I was being sewing productive : )


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