Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I love bows

I am obsessed!
I just love bows right now. 
...and the number 3 for some reason : P.

I have been trying to get back into sewing and it has been going pretty well, just a bit lazy with taking photos. Bows are adorning all my new work. On skirts, in your hair and on brooches. More and more of my girly side seems to be showing itself. I have so many ideas in the works but dont know where to start. The cold weather is coming here in Australia and its just rain, rain, rain. Time to start making some warm winter goodies.
The move is done and I'm all settled into my new space but I am still trying to look for work. It would be nice to have that stability so I don't feel so naughty going and buying supplies. And I do still want to open my Etsy shop, it will happen one day, but I for now I don't want to rush things. Gotta take things as they come.
A friend of mine suggested I go check out this little local designer shop and approach them to sells my clothes. So that is next on the list of things to do. It would be nice to have something local so I can establish my name in the area.
Current task at hand =  getting together enough stock to approach shop with.

Here are two of my most recent creations...
Rainy Day's Bow Barrette
Made a few bow barrette's recently but this one probably my favorite. 
It's not easy to seen in the photos but it is a white cotton with these cute little glittery blue rain drops all over it.

Miss Mustard Skirt
I really like this fabric its so soft and its a beautiful golden mustard colour. The pockets are made from cute little hand embroidered doilies and I've pinched the tops in with a red bow. It's a high waist design and would look awesome with tights.

How I wish I was a trendy little blogger like the rest of you out there doing outfit posts everyday.
How do you girls do it?
I'm thinking I might have to invest in a tripod so I can start taking my own photos. Because I really want to do some outfit posts of my own. I figure the tripod will allow me to take the photos myself. I feel weird asking people "hey do you recon you could take some pics of me wearing this?". Its like they are always to busy to help, don't understand what I want or think I'm crazy.
So if any of you stylish ladies out there have some pointers I'd love some advice.


  1. Love them both...the skirt especially! It looks like an apron but its not! Love it. I have seen many aprons that I wanted as a skirt.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and letting me know about My Sunday Feeling!


  2. i seriously stick them everywhere!!! ahahaha


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