Monday, September 12, 2011

Making A Ball Joint Doll - Part 1 drawing up my plan and making the core

So Ive started working on my ball joint doll. Above is my 1:1 scale plan. For my first doll I'm not trying to follow standard BJD sizes, Bella Flora will be 25.5 cm (not including the antlers, not sure if ill put them on yet).
On my plan Ive penciled in the core sections(areas that need to be hollow). There are a couple of methods Ive seen for creation the core and Ive decided to combine 3.
For the head I'm using a 40mm styrofoam ball that Ive trimmed back to fit better. Its important to check both the front and side view.
For the body cavity I made a template from tissue paper and cut out 2 front and 2 side from a cereal box. Then used sticky tape to connect the pieces and create a box.
For the template I highly recomend making the front panel symmetrical to reduce twisting.
For the top and bottom i just covered them with tape and added a piece of thin straw to create the neck.
Ive been collecting various sized straws for the arms and legs. Im using thin bendy straws for the arms and medium straws for the legs.
So now Ive got my very strange looking skeleton and I cant wait to get started on the sculpting.

If you have any questions I'd be more than happy to answer them.
Here is an great youtube video that helped me out a lot.

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  1. Hi Tash!
    I love the idea of cardboard and tissue paper for the body's core - I've been experimenting with Styrofoam and straws myself, but this is a really great idea for a BJD skeleton. Thank you! =)


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